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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pornography in Hotels (Blog #7)

I grew up in a world where a mother would not let me watch much T.V., and when I did, absolutely forbade me to watch shows such as "The Simpsons" and "Married with Children." That mindset has stuck with me through my adult life as well... I tend to read rather than rot my mind with mindless TV. Sure, Grey's Anatomy is my one guilty vice, but its 1 hour of television a week... not too shabby.

So, porn. It's not really a topic I am extremely knowledgable in, as I have never viewed it. I find it vile and self-degrading, and from hearing some guys talk about it back in HS, somethng I would never want to be subjected to watch. Women, in essence, are sex objects- the men, the beast. Its a world where women are still second class, and enjoy doing whatever the men asks of them.

This is what hotels are selling themselves as. They are the women, the customers, the men. Many hotels give the image of "anything the customer wants, the customer gets." The more said customer pays, the more said customer gets. The porn and sex industry is like that- the more you pay, the better prostitute you get; the more you pay, the better porn you get.

In a society that thrives on this image, it makes sense that this is the direction hotels are going in. However, its not the best image to portray. These hotels are not exclusively 18 and up. Sex is starting to leak everywhere, and if hotels do not stand up and take it off of their choice of movies, it will become the norm. The porn will get worse, and children will start being exposed to worse. However, if a hotel says "No Porn", I bet people will still be going to their hotels. Also, I bet that they would be having less problems with hiring of prostitutes, and from getting a seedy image that they claim they are trying to veer away from.

Hotels should follow the example of FoxFaith- a new unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, who are committed to only promoting and distributing Christian based, family movies. Then there is Fox Atomic, another new unit, that is only directed at the teen market.

Seems to be a step in the right direction. Hey hotels... thats all it takes. One step.


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