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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pee Yew.. it smells like T.O. (Blog #5)

Oh, T.O. You lived a troubled past and youve been kicked off of two teams. Then, you get sent to play for a team that years earlier watched you participate in the defamation of their symbol on their field.

Then, on Monday you missed your son's 7th birthday party and ended your engagement with your fiancee. So, when your close friend and publicist finds you unresponsive with a 40 pill pain prescription bottle empty, she immediately calls 911. When the report comes out that it was an attempted suicide.

So what does his publicist do? Deny, Deny... and then deny some more.

I find it rather peculiar, as the writer at the DMN did, that it almost seemed too tidy. The first report came out with full details, while the second report had almost everything blacked out. The black-out method is used for high-profile individuals, to give them some sense of privacy.

Honestly, there is a reason they are a celebrity. This is a professional football player, and people are going to want to know about what happened. I find it strange that Jerry Jones, master of I have a comment for everything, has not addressed the issue to the media personally, but through an organization statement made by the Cowboys.

This incident echoes that of an incident involving Michael Irwin, who made a 6 inch gash in another players throat with a pair of scissors. The media reported it, but then after that, had no other details or information to go on. The incident was so tidy, that not even people that were friends of those in the Cowboys organization know what happened.

If you expose a weakness of a celebrity, it only give the media the power to exploit it, over and over. Sweep it under the rug, and the story will go away because the lack of information makes it impossible to report anything other than opinion columns.

Can we consider this good, or bad, PR? A potential suicide might have occured, and I can only imagine what other football players would think of T.O. if this is true. He might be viewed as weak and a lesser player. He might lose his starter position because his teammates will not throw him the ball.

The epitome of a pro football player is that no weakness is shown. The course of action taken by the Cowboys can be taken both good and bad, in my opinion. The good is that no factual bad press can be printed, other than what the organization and T.O.'s publicist say. Other than that, its all speculation and there is nothing concrete available. By being tight-lipped, the story will go away, and T.O. can keep on as the most arrogant player to ever enter the NFL.

Where do we draw the line on people's personal lives? If their past is that bad, I can only hope that he is getting help privately and has a supprot system of friends to get him through whatever happened.


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